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Never Ending HuntHonkai Star RailPage Artist
MementoPersona 3Page Artist
Adventurer's Handbook Vol. 2Genshin ImpactPage Artist
Every Universe, Every LifetimePersona 5Merch Artist
The Invitation: A Chilumi Wedding ZineGenshin ImpactPage Artist
I'll Face MyselfPersona 4Cover Artist
Star Rail TarotHonkai Star RailCharacter Artist
Winds of BlessingPersona 5Art Mod
Rivals ZinePersona 5Page Artist
Night DiviningNoragamiPage Artist
Starstruck!Genshin ImpactPage Artist
Genshin TarotGenshin ImpactCharacter Artist
Teyvat AcademyGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Scramble!Persona 5Cover Artist
Viridian SandsGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Memories of YouPersona 3Page Artist
One DayPersona 5Merch Artist
Orchid's GambitGenshin ImpactMerch Artist
Argentum LuneGenshin ImpactPage Artist
The Fool: Joker ZinePersona 5Page Artist
Adventurer's HandbookGenshin ImpactPage Artist
To Yearn for Boundless SkiesGenshin ImpactMerch Artist
Illumination AnthologyGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Dominance of EarthGenshin ImpactMerch Artist
ApricityGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Customs of LiyueGenshin ImpactMerch Artist
SynastryGenshin ImpactCover Artist
ImperatrixGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Paws & ClawsGenshin ImpactMerch Artist
Raging TideGenshin ImpactPage Artist
AvenoirGenshin ImpactPage Artist
AsterismGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Starconches & StarlightGenshin ImpactCover & Page Artist
The Devouring DeepGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Daily Teyvat PlannerGenshin ImpactPage Artist
The Gents of Teyvat, Vol I & IIGenshin ImpactPage Artist
Fraction of LightGenshin ImpactCover Artist
Film ProcessingToilet Bound Hanako-kunPage Artist
MillenniumNoragamiCover & Page Artist
四十八DororoPage Artist
Hanako HanafudaToilet Bound Hanako-kunPage Artist
HanakotobaToilet Bound Hanako-kunPage Artist
Ad LunamToilet Bound Hanako-kunPage & Merch Artist
In the BoundaryToilet Bound Hanako-kunPage Artist
WhimsicalToilet Bound Hanako-kunPage Artist
The Hero's JourneyAkatsuki no YonaCover Artist



ConventionLocationDateTable #
MAGFest PrimeNational Harbor, MDJan 18-21, 2024N/A
Kami-ConBirmingham, ALFeb 9-11, 2024N/A
Anime DetourMinneapolis, MNMarch 29-31, 2024N/A
MomoConAtlanta, GAMay 24-27, 20241201
PersonaConOnlineJune 7-10, 2024Block E
Anime ExpoLos Angeles, CAJuly 4-7, 2024A44
Anime NYCNew York, NYAugust 23-25, 2024TBA
Sin City AnimeLas Vegas, NVNovember 2024TBA

* = pending confirmation


What programs/tools do you use?

Program: I primarily draw with Clip Studio Paint,
occasionally Procreate.
Tools: Huion Kamvas 13 or iPad Pro 2

What tool/brushes do you use to
draw with?

I use this CSP brush and adjust the opacity/texture
density depending on the piece!

Can I repost your art on another site?

Please ask for permission first regarding the specific artwork and site you want to repost on.

I saw your work being sold on x site, is it yours?

At the moment, the only places where I sell my artwork is through my main shop and Etsy shop - anywhere else is unauthorized!

Can I use your art in an edit or video?

Please do not edit my art or use them in videos.
This includes Tiktoks.

How do you color?

For now all I can offer is this little gif and the few
speedpaint/timelapse videos I have posted ;;

Do you take requests? Art trades?

Mutuals and friends only!

Can I use your art as my
profile picture / header?

That's fine as long as credit is given and clearly visible!


personal use commissions: WAITLIST
waitlist available on vgen

Personal use commissions will be taken via VGen in the future.Note: All prices listed here are base prices. Any additional costs will be added based on details required.Commissions intended for commercial use are open on a case-by-case basis and will have an additional commercial fee. Please feel free to email [email protected] or DM to inquire!Full-body: $250 USD+
Half-body: $150 USD+
Portrait: $100 USD+
Chibi: $70 USD+
Icon: $30 USD+
My work queue and waitlist is available to view here.




NSFW content
Furries / anthro
Heavy gore
Anything to do with NFTs/crypto


Illustration Work


More examples of merch sold can be found on my Etsy.

Convention Table Examples

Kami-Con 2024

Anime Expo 2023